In our village we have a nice range of restaurants

In walking distance of our B&B 'de Witte Reiger':

Bistro Paolo's

A Mediterranean oriented eatery with a simple but none-the-less good menu, out-side terrace is located at the back of the restaurant.€€                                                                                                                            

't Amsterdammertje

An excellent restaurant with a very original menu. Had been awarded with a Michelin star for many years. €€€€                                                                                                                                      

Eterij de drie gekroonde laarsjes

A restaurant with a European oriented -changing with the seasons- menu. €€

Tante Koosje

A romantic and also excellent restaurant. Has also been awarded a Michelin star for many years. €€€€

Hans en Frietje

An increadibly clean snackbar using good produce, with small terrace in the summer. €€


Coffee and tea shop in the Dorpsstraat (Village street) with surprising local produce and wonderful artifacts for sale. €€


A little further than within walking distance:

Brasserie Oud Loenen (at 2.1 km from our B&B). 

A fine and affordable restaurant, situated at the local golf-course at the edge of our village. €€

Indonesian restaurant Flores (at 2.5 km from our B&B)

Delicious Indonesian food. €€